Hiking in Trentino: discovering Val di Gresta

Great variety of trails to satisfy the desires of hiking in Val di Gresta, in Trentino

Val di Gresta, in Trentino, is the ideal place for hiking. Its varied geography full of pastures, meadows, forests and mountain peaks will enable you to discover the best that nature has to offer. Amongst the many different options for hiking, we recommend Monte Stivo (2,054 m), whose peak can be reached on foot in a couple of hours. You will be rewarded for your effort with the extremely fine views of the entire Val di Gresta, Lake Garda, the Dolomites and, on a very clear day, possibly even Venice!

From the top of Monte Biaena (1,618 m), which rises above the meadows of Passo Bordala, one can enjoy magnificent views of Rovereto, with its Bell of Peace, and the Adige River as it gently serpentines through the valley of the same name.

Mount Creino (1,292 m) is a natural balcony affording awe-inspiring views of Lake Garda. Here you will be able to explore trenches from Word War I, still in excellent condition, and a fort dating back to the Austro-Hungarian period. Experience the unrivalled tranquillity of this place, immersed in history and surrounded by the Dolomites.

These are just some of the wonderful sites and areas to be explored on foot in the picturesque Val di Gresta, in Trentino.