Rock climbing in Trentino and touch the sky

Live the mountains and indulge in rock climbing in Trentino

Rock climbing in Trentino means coming into direct contact with the mountains and discovering the essence of the rock. Not far from Hotel Martinelli, in the Sarca Valley, is found the small town of Arco, an international centre of competitive rock climbing that each year hosts important events attracting the best professional climbers from all over the world.

Whether climbing on natural or artificial structures, Trentino is amongst the best places in the world to carry out this sport.

Just down the road from Ronzo Chienis is found the natural climbing wall of Pannone, easily accessible from Hotel Martinelli. This slab formation offers about 50 different routes of medium difficulty, characterised by small holds that require a precise technique of the hands and strength in one’s fingers. Given its eastern exposure, we advise you to climb here in spring or summer, always using 60-metre long ropes.

For rock climbing in Trentino Hotel Martinelli can provide you with helmets, harnesses and carabineers. We can also arrange for a local guide to accompany you in your rock climbing exploration of the area.