Discover a small corner of paradise in Trentino: the Val di Gresta

Experience the unique emotion of spending a holiday in Val di Gresta, in Trentino

Val di Gresta is located in south-western Trentino, between the Valle dell’Adige and the northern section of Lake Garda. It constitutes a bio-district, that’s to say, a geographical area in which local resources are managed in a sustainable way, based on a model of organic production and consumption.

In the bio-district of Val di Gresta in Trentino organic farmers, local residents and public authorities work together and are committed to engaging all natural, cultural and productive resources in an effort to safeguard and promote the environment, traditions and local knowledge. In the bio-district of Val di Gresta the promotion of organic produce is inextricably linked with that of the land and its special characteristics so that it can fully realise its economic, social and cultural potential.

Come and discover the exceptional region of Trentino and the bio-district of Val di Gresta.