The Val di Gresta is the ideal destination for your holidays

Spend your holiday in the evocative area of the Val di Gresta

If you wish to spend your holiday in an unspoilt and authentic area, choose Ronzo Chienis in the delightful Val di Gresta.

Ronzo Chienis, the valley’s administrative centre located at 1,000 metres above sea level, offers a spectacular alpine panorama and provides breathtaking views of Lake Garda. The town is known for its organic farming and its traditional agricultural products, as well as its mild climate and clean air. All these characteristics make Ronzo Chienis and Val di Gresta the perfect place to enjoy an active holiday outdoors whether it be: walking through the centuries old woods near Bordala, hiking up Monte Stivo, mountain biking along one of the countless panoramic routes or to the ruins of the ancient Castel di Gresta, and much more.

In addition, organic farming and a general concern for living in harmony with nature have given way to a notable and sustainable development in Val di Gresta in recent years: come discover some of its secrets and book your holiday at Hotel Martinelli.