Discover the Val di Gresta visiting the agricultural show

Explore Val di Gresta’s agricultural show and discover all the area’s organic products

Every year Val di Gresta organises an Agricultural Show (Mostra Mercato in Italian) in Ronzo Chienis in order to introduce people to its excellent organic products such as head cabbage, carrots and potatoes.

The programme for the Val di Gresta Agricultural Show is full of wonderful activities such as: organised walks to discover historic sites from World War I, tours of the fields where the vegetables are grown, educational workshops on biodiversity, wood carving demonstrations, ‘organic’ cycling events (bio biciclettate) that incorporate visits to the places where the organic vegetables are cultivated, and much more.

Come and discover the world of vegetables and organic farming, as well as the historic and cultural sites of this delightful valley.

Hotel Martinelli will be delighted to provide you with detailed information about Val di Gresta’s Agricultural Show.