Vegetarian Restaurant in Trentino, near Rovereto

Lightness and authenticity in our vegetarian restaurant nearby Rovereto, Trentino

Hotel Martinelli’s vegetarian restaurant, near Rovereto, brings to the table the most authentic flavours of Trentino. Choose from an excellent selection of dishes prepared with organic vegetables grown in our splendid valley. Treat yourself to an unequalled culinary experience at our restaurant near Rovereto and discover the rural traditions of our delightful Val di Gresta, in Trentino.

Rest assured that the ingredients we use couldn’t be fresher and are 100% organic. If you have any doubts (or are simply interested), we would be delighted to take you directly to the source so that you may see for yourself! Don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of Trentino’s most delectable vegetarian dishes at the Hotel Martinelli’s restaurant in Ronzo Chienis, near Rovereto.