Km zero Restaurant in Val di Gresta, Trentino

The genuine delicacies of the region of Trentino in a Km zero Restaurant in Val di Gresta

Km zero (“food miles” in English), is a term that is becoming increasingly more wide spread in Italy and means that a certain percentage of the products used by a restaurant come from within an defined radius, which is normally established at about 50 kilometres. Here at Martinelli we have taken this concept to a whole new level and have shortened the distances by about 99%. In fact, in many cases we can speak in terms of metres instead of kilometres.

The kitchen of our Km zero restaurant in Val di Gresta was born 40 years ago and offers local and traditional quality products of Trentino. All food is prepared with the utmost care, letting the seasons determine what ingredients are to be used and, when possible, purchasing products from the nearest suppliers. It is for this reason that the food products used by our restaurant in Val di Gresta come from local sources and represent the flavours of Trentino. Many of the vegetables only travel but a few metres from where they are cultivated. Our guests are welcome to visit the plots and gardens where the vegetables are grown and select those which they would like to eat or take home with them.

Treat yourself to our Km zero restaurant in Val di Gresta and discover the typical products of Trentino.