The Trentino at the table: organic restaurant in Val di Gresta

Organic restaurant in Trentino: traditional dishes from the Val di Gresta

The particular morphology of the Val di Gresta, in Trentino, provides us with authentic organic produce that you will be able to enjoy at our restaurant. The slopes of the valley are quite steep, which, over the centuries, has given way to terraced farming and small parcels of land. Since agriculture was introduced to the area, much of the farming has been done manually and in accordance with organic cultivation techniques.

Organic vegetables, therefore, constitute the base of the extraordinary regional and vegetarian dishes served by our restaurant in Val di Gresta.

Taste our delectable dishes, which tell the story of our valley’s traditional rural culture, while sipping on a good glass of wine.

Only the most authentic organic products of Trentino appear on the tables of our restaurant in Val di Gresta.