Unforgettable holidays in our Hotel in Val di Gresta

Experience the magic of Val di Gresta and spend unforgettable days in our hotel

Hotel Martinelli is found in Val di Gresta, the organic garden of Trentino, located halfway between Lake Garda and the Dolomites and only one hour from Verona.

Spend an unforgettable holiday at Hotel Martinelli in Val di Gresta (link Ronzo Chienis e la Val di Gresta) and experience the magic of this natural amphitheatre that has been painstakingly terraced by its inhabitants over the centuries to make it suitable for cultivation.  Savour the tranquillity provided by this hidden gem nestled in amongst rocky peaks, grassy meadows and evergreen forests. Its southern exposure means that there is always ample sunshine and daylight to enjoy it all the more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend the best period of the year immersed in this absolutely unique setting, where time has hardly altered the ancient traditions and flavours. A little corner of paradise awaits you at Hotel Martinelli in Val di Gresta.